Alexis Smart Flower Remedies: Energetic Formulas for Mental, Emotional + Spiritual Health

I have been using Alexis Smart flower remedies for almost a year now and I have been blown away by the subtle, yet deeply profound shifts they've had within me. They have played a distinct role in preparing my system for the launch of the Adeptist and everything that has come and will continue to come with that. It feels rare that I discover a product that I feel like I HAVE to share with everyone. I was introduced to Alexis Smart flower remedies through my girlfriend and as I witnessed the effect that they had on her, I had to try them for myself. You can ask our friends, we've told everyone about them! 

The first time I began using the remedies was last summer, as I was gearing up to begin fund raising for the Adeptist. Entering into the startup world was all very new to me and it took a lot of inner work to gear up for this kind of expansion. I chose to take Ganesh, as it works to remove obstacles, while enhancing confidence, inspiration, creativity, heightened intuition + success...all of which I felt I needed in order to pitch to potential investors. 

What ended up surfacing within about 10 days of taking the remedy was a deep realization about an unhealthy relationship with finances that I was playing out with my father. It was something I had been ignoring/suppressing and it was energetically inhibiting me from being able to fully step into this next level of expression with my company. At the time, it was an intense thing to look at, as, like most things, it all boiled down to deep childhood wounds. However, within a week, the emotions had settled and I was able to begin taking the steps necessary in order to transcend that unconscious way of relating to my finances. This awareness was absolutely essential in order for me to grow and have the capacity to take on investment. 

Since then, I have taken a variety of remedies and each time I am amazed by my experience. After this last round, I thought, how cool would it be if I had Alexis Smart as a guest contributer on the Adeptist to share about her flower remedies and how they work. They align so beautifully with everything that the Adeptist is about: moving beyond what limits us in order to expand our capacity to step into the fullest expression of ourselves. 

I reached out to Alexis earlier this year and she willingly accepted the invitation to share her magic with all of you! (I was stoked!) In this post, I asked Alexis 5 questions about her work and the flower remedies. I hope you love learning about it as much as I did! And if you feel so inclined to give these magical formulas a try, you can use the code: ADEPTIST10 for 10% off at checkout. 

What is your background and how did you get started creating these intelligent remedies? 

"I’ve been a flower remedy practitioner for about 15 years and a classical homeopath for about 8 years. As most healers I know, I found my work through being unwell myself and finding what worked to heal myself. I had been having debilitating panic attacks until I experienced a miraculous and profound healing after just three weeks on a flower remedy. I knew then that I had found my life’s work. I had always had an interest in natural medicine, but was stuck in an unfulfilling job in Los Angeles, acting in commercials and modeling. After this experience with flower remedies, it became clear that I needed to devote full time to flower remedies and homeopathy. I used to do one on one sessions and make custom formulas for people. At one point, I realized that I was making universal formulas that were needed by all of us. Everyone experiences heartbreak, or has in the past. Everyone has times of anger and intolerance etc. So, I just kept following my inspiration, with the desire to help people informing my choices,  and it led me to create my universal flower remedy formulas. My formulas are based on these years of working with people and seeing which remedies are catalysts to create lasting healing."  

What are flower remedies and how do they work? Is it more energetic?

"Flower remedies are a system of healing discovered by a British doctor, Dr. Edward Bach,  in the 1930s. They are prescribed only for mental, emotional and spiritual issues, never for physical complaints. But the philosophy behind it is that once you are happy and stress free, your body’s innate, self healing mechanism kicks in, so they can help with stress related physical issues too. They come in the form of tinctures you take internally, as drops under the tongue. They are flavorless and have no scent.  Sometimes they are confused with aromatherapy but they are a totally different thing. Flower essences are made by floating blossoms in a bowl of spring water until that water is imprinted with the healing energy of that particular flower. 
So it is 100% energetic medicine. I think they work because flowers have a benevolent purpose for humans and this is one aspect of their actions…but scientifically “how?"I will do my best to answer. Every living thing resonates with a vibrational frequency. The theory is that emotions have a frequency too and that when we are out of balance, or sick, it’s like we are instruments that are out of tune and our emotions may reflect this. Each flower has its own vibrational frequency and when you take the flower essence which is an exact match to your frequency, it brings you back into harmony. Rather than suppressing a negative trait (like jealousy), the remedies flood us with the positive feeling we need. So for jealousy, you take Holly, which floods you with love, in the presence of which jealousy cannot exist."

My experience with your remedies is that they highlight the things that are limiting me so that I address them and evolve. How does this work? 

"It is not always the case that you have a greater awareness of the negatives before you feel good…but it is common. This is because, as Dr. Bach explained, our illnesses or unhappiness are the result of our souls (our deepest inner selves) being out of alignment with our personalities (our external selves which makes choices and lives them out). To truly  heal, one must first learn where they have gone off their path. While allopathic drugs work by suppressing our feelings and symptoms, flower remedies teach you something so you can observe your self as you heal. Then there is wisdom when you come out the other side." 

Could you recommend some remedies for a variety of common things people might use a remedy for? Calling in a relationship, starting their own businesses, boosting self confidence, etc. 

"Yes, absolutely! Love is everything…self love and love of others. I have a formula called In Love that will help you with both…calling in a partner and making good romantic choices, not based on low self worth, but choices made from the highest part of your self…or just cultivating love for your self and healing old abandonment stuff. For confidence in your self, removing fear of failure and self sabotage, I love the formula Ganesh. It’s an all purpose manifesting remedy which can work for career or creative projects..It’s named after the Hindu deity who removes obstacles, if that gives you an idea. I also like Peaceful Worrier for quieting the mind and helping with sleep and stress."

The Adeptist is all about sharing tools and information that allow people to move beyond what is limiting them (whether that is physical, mental or spiritual). I know your flower remedies help with this. Could you speak to the mechanics of this? 

"I do feel flower remedies are the medicine of the future. How amazing that something from nature can return us to the joy that is our birthright…I believe happiness is our natural state, and it’s much easier than we believe to return to that. We have an idea that things must be difficult or expensive to be effective and lasting, but it’s so not true. Flower remedies are accessible, easy to understand and have zero side-effects or interactions with anything. You can return to your self and live with happiness, according to the higher dictates of your soul..not to sound heavy. It’s quite light all of this." 

About Alexis Smart:

I was born in Canada to English parents and moved to Los Angeles in the late 70’s, where I had a bohemian upbringing with artists and musicians. I have spent most of my life there, modeling and acting from age 15, but always knew I had a calling to do other things.. writing, healing, traveling. I have had a rich and varied life and it has all informed the way I work. I recently moved from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree. I see my clients on Skype and continue to do my post graduate homeopathic studies with George Vithoulkas in Greece. Aside from my passion for flower remedies and homeopathy, I spend a lot of time cooking, playing guitar, doing yoga and taking ballet.