Human Trafficking: my story, why we need to care + resources & ways to get involved

July 30th was World Human Trafficking Day, and needless to say, I got LOUD over on The Adeptist Instagram. There was certainly some controversy, but all in all, you guys replied with comments and DM’s expressing positivity and curiosity...which is where I am choosing to focus my energy!

On July 30th, I went to a rally for Human Trafficking and it saddened me that there were only about 100-150 people that attended. For an issue that impacts just under 25 million people, worldwide, with the U.S. being the top contributor to this issue, it wasn’t enough.

This topic should be on the forefront of everything we are exposing right now and I will not stop talking, sharing and providing resources until it is. 

If you haven't watched my recent IGTV videos on the topic, you can reference them here: “Human Trafficking” and “Why We Need to Give a Sh*t About Human Trafficking.” Please go watch + share these videos!!! 

I have studied and researched the issue of human trafficking for over a decade now. When I was younger, I was obsessed with spreading awareness and talking to people about it. Overtime, however, I was met with a lot of resistance and people, including my own family members, not being receptive because the topic was too dark and too heavy for them to handle. They would say to me, “Elizabeth, I don’t want to live in a world where this is happening.” 

I get it! ME EITHER. It’s horrific. But if we aren’t willing to look at it, we are a part of the problem. And this issue is far too big to not have our attention.

It is the second largest industry in the world, after drugs. However, it is currently surpassing the drug industry, with an annual profit of $150 billion, according to the ILO report from 2014. Of that $150 billion, $99 billion comes from commercial sexual exploitation. Globally, 71% of those who are enslaved are girls/women and 29% boys/men.

If you watched my “Why We Need to Give a Sh*t About Human Trafficking” video, you heard me mention that last fall, I came face to face with this operation, late one night, in LA, after a concert. These men were posing as transportation to an after party and I was seconds away from taking the bait. The feeling when I recognized what was really going on haunts me to this day. I will never forget that night. The numb, desensitized faces of the 5 men I encountered. And the months to follow, wondering if I was being watched and traced. To them, I was nothing but sex and tens of thousands of dollars in their pockets. It was the extensive research that I had done in the years prior that allowed me the ability to identify what was going down. These traffickers are skilled, you guys. They don't f around. 

I can’t help but think of the other women that they may have lured in that night. 

I attempted to file a police report and there was nothing they could do. The cop even told me, “Yeah, this trafficking issue is happening at every bar, night club, concert and gathering, here in LA, and unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot we can do. This issue is deep.”

I am still recovering from the trauma of that night.

But after that event, I promised myself and these victims that I would never be silent about this issue again and that I would fight for the women and children who didn’t have the same opportunity as I did to escape.

I haven’t been ready to share my story until now. It was too painful and paralyzing. 

I spent months, in and out of depression and extreme paranoia. I wouldn't go anywhere alone. And I would never be out past dark. 

But it’s not about me and my story. That was merely the event that woke me up and asked me to be an activist, like I had been, years ago. The fact is, regardless of how close I was to something so horrifying, I am alive and free. And now, I need to use my position of privilege and awareness to lead a revolution for these victims who cannot.

I share this to provide you with some insight and understanding as to why I am so fired up about this issue. I don’t expect you to have the same relationship to it as me. We are ALL here for different purposes and to serve as activists in different ways. However, on behalf of these 25 million victims, I am asking you to educate yourself. That’s it. And be willing to have conversations with people to let them know that this is happening. Get VOCAL, point them in the direction of social media accounts, organizations and documentaries. Trust me, once you watch one of the many documentaries, it is nearly impossible to not take some sort of action. These victims need us. They need our advocacy, our bravery and our voices. They have nothing. They are trapped and without resource, unless we step in. now that you’ve gotten a little bit of an intro into human trafficking, my story and why these victims need our help, I want to provide you with some action steps and resources to begin educating yourself and being a part of the solution. 

There are so many ways to get involved and to be an abolitionist against modern day slavery. The following are some ways to get started!

Educate yourself: 

This is probably stating the obvious, but educating yourself is essential. This issue is dark and heavy. It can be hard to look at the harsh realities of what is really going on. However, if we can bring this issue out of the shadows and into the consciousness stream of the masses, it can’t continue to exist predominantly under the radar. This to me is the best thing we can do. But as of now, many are not even aware of what human trafficking even is AND, many do not understand the horrifying truths of how and why this can stand to exist in the world. When I attempted to share my experience with people in my life, last year, most people replied with, “Wow, I’m so sorry, but what is human trafficking? I’ve heard of it but I don’t really understand.”

I will provide all of the resources below to begin the process of educating yourself. Many of these resources are documentaries! I find that documentaries are the best way to get a full understanding of the issue at hand AND learn directly from victims and former traffickers. 

Get vocal:

Attend and START rallies/protests, share videos and posts on your instagram stories CONSISTENTLY, talk to friends and family...We need to get LOUD. Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, this topic is getting far less coverage than most of the current issues. Yes, there are organizations that are solely geared toward bringing awareness to this issue, but nowhere is this being covered in mainstream media on a consistent basis...even though every 12 seconds a child is sold into the industry. Some people were upset that on my Instagram post I compared covid with human trafficking. I get it, it’s a touchy topic. It was a risk. But my point in doing this was to highlight the fact that we are ALL having daily conversations about covid. While very few are having daily conversations about human trafficking and child sex trafficking. That was the point of the comparison. Not to undermine one, but to put the issue into perspective. With that said, we need to be on the streets demonstrating that this can no longer exist! We need to be sharing on social media and make the issue of human trafficking as trending as covid and BLM. The reality is that this criminal enterprise has seeped into the government and high profile circles. That is WHY it is getting less attention. Too many people would be brought down if this started to get the publicity it needs. So it’s on US. We have to do our research and get the word out. Mainstream media isn’t going to educate us on this one. This issue is READY to be brought out of the shadows and into the light...but it’s going to take an army of us who are willing to be warriors for the light. 

Ask your favorite podcasters and influencers to bring people onto their podcasts to talk about this issue:

Podcasters and content creators of all kinds are always looking for your feedback and want to know what you care to hear about! Ask them to get someone on the podcast to cover the issue of human trafficking. Let them know that this is something you care to be educated about and see if they would be willing to use their platform to spread awareness.


Throw a party:

Yep, that’s right. Pick one of the documentaries that I listed below and invite a group of friends and family members to come over and watch. You can have food and snacks and then to follow, discuss ways you can all ban together to get involved and be a part of the solution.


Stop Watching Pornography:

Yep. I said it. This is one of the number one drivers behind human trafficking. Why? Because traffickers can make money both by selling humans AND recording the sexual exploitation to sell to porn sites. This is a major issue. And most of the time, the porn you are watching is NOT consensual. There is no way to know this for sure. Traffickers also know that porn is one of the main drivers of business. They are well aware that the seeds planted through the viewing of pornography could very well spark interest in purchasing sex in later years. As users become more and more numb and crave more and more stimulation, regular pornography viewers are often those who end up purchasing sex. And again, even if they don't...a large percentage of the pornography online is not consensual. 

Pray + send love to these victims:

This might sound minuscule in light of this massive issue...but if you’re following me, you are probably informed about energy. We need all of the energy possible going towards these victims. Pray for them. Send them love and let them know you’re fighting for them. I do this daily after my meditation practice. Trust that your energy is felt by them. 


Donate money: 

So far, all of the ways I listed above are FREE (for the most part)! And to be honest, I think the first two are the most valuable and influential as of right now. However, if you feel called to donate, that is always appreciated. There are several organizations doing incredible work, from rescuing to rehabilitation. If you love the elixirs, then purchase the feminine flow elixir or let that be your go to gift to friends, knowing that $5 of every sale goes straight to Operation Underground Railroad.


Youtube Videos / Documentaries: 

Ted Talk: I was trafficked for years, hidden in plain site

Ted Talk: How to Spot Human Trafficking

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (this was one of the first documentaries I watched that sparked my activism) 

Out of the Shadows (this documentary sheds light on who is involved in this industry and WHY child sex trafficking and pedophilia is not getting the attention it deserves + NEEDS)

Galactic Federation + Human Trafficking: WARNING this video is only going to vibe with you if you're OPEN MINDED and believe in higher dimensions, channeling, etc. But if you are into that kind of thing, this is a must watch and Elizabeth April is a MUST follow. 


Very Young Girls

Trade of Innocents

Operation Toussaint

Stopping Traffic

Not for Sale

Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich

There are many more...just do a google or youtube search! But these are most of the ones I have watched and cover a variety of angels. 

Organizations to get involved with / donate to:

Operation Underground Railroad

Agape International Missions


Coalition Against Trafficking in Women


Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking