What I am Doing During this Massive Global Clearing

Hi beautiful people, with this massive global clearing, I felt inspired to share what I am doing during this time of quarantine to embrace and revere this potent time for what it has the potential to be. I wanted to take some time to journal and get clear on how I could optimize this time, and then I thought, why not create a blog post about it? Perhaps it will inspire you to get clear on how can honor this time (and it will keep me accountable). Though tragic in certain ways, I believe this global crisis is a call to reassess, go inward, meet ourselves deeper, heal, rest and get clear on how and what we are creating moving forward. 

Now, before I jump into everything, I want to acknowledge that though I believe this to be divinely organized (as is everything), I want to bring to light that there are many people suffering within our communities due to lack of work, food, finances and necessary supplies. PLEASE, if you’re able, find ways that you can step in and help out. Now, through the end of March, the Adeptist will be donating 30% off all sales to Community Food Share, to ensure that those who cannot provide for themselves at this time have the support that they need. We cannot do this without your support. So please, if you have been meaning to try the elixirs or if you need to restock any of your product, consider this opportunity to make an impact. 30% is a large cut for us, especially during a time of reduced business, but we feel it is our duty to show up for those who truly cannot show up for themselves during this intense time. 

Creating Intention:

I want to invite you, if you feel called, to get clear and create intention around how you can utilize this time to nurture yourself and drop into deeper alignment. Our choices and the way we show up to life have a ripple effect. When we can pause, get quiet and sit with this, we have the potential to stop the unconscious cycle of creating in a way that exploits others and our planet. We need a major SHIFT and we are ALL responsible for making this happen. None of us are above this. If we want a different world, it starts with how we are reinventing within our own areas of work, relationship and care for our planet, ourselves and others. 

8 Things I am Doing During this Global Clearing: 

Meeting mySelf deeper than I have ever met mySelf before 

I am questioning EVERYTHING. I am asking myself, does this approach align with my most authentic, highest expression? What is important to me? How is my energy best used in service to the Divine in this lifetime? Am I doing this because I don’t want to disappoint people or am I doing this because it lights me up? Am I following a path that has already been laid out (due to fear) or am I challenging everything and paving a new way? Am I honoring my gifts, my creativity, my intuition and my heart in every choice I make? In a time of so much uncertainty, it really puts things into perspective. Almost immediately, if you’re in tune, the things that are irrelevant are highlighted and what is really important makes itself known. For me, the things that have made themselves clear that they want more space to flourish are my relationships/my soul family, my inner healer, my psychic gifts, my creativity, my voice, my intuition and my desire to nourish myself and others. The things that do not align with this are quickly coming to the surface to be let go of or delegated. 

Cooking + creating nourishing recipes

My entire wellness journey began with a deep love for cooking for myself and for those I love. Recipe creation is one of my favorite things and as time has gone on, it has become something that I don’t spend as much time on as I would like to. With more space to prepare nourishing, creative meals, I want to share these recipes with all of you, on the blog. 

To be Magnetic

If you guys are not familiar with Lacy Phillips, I recommend you check out her work. It is in alignment with everything that the Adeptist is about: removing what limits you so that you can live out your most whole, authentic expression. I will be doing the Uplevel workshop, as I feel I am undergoing a major expansion and this workshop will be the support needed to integrate this next level. 


I have always loved tarot cards and using them as a tool to connect to my higher Self. Recently, I have been feeling the call to activate this skill and really use tarot as a means to channel and deliver messages from Spirit. I find myself having profound and connected experiences when spending time with my decks, so I intend to practice and hone this skill during this time. 


Core Power Yoga is offering 8 weeks of FREE online yoga, on demand. Super cool! I am inspired by the companies who are being generous and using their offerings to uplift people amidst a time when people so desperately need it. 


I recently moved into a new home, with my girlfriend, up in the mountains, here in Boulder. We are surrounded by beautiful, activated nature that I have been spending more and more time in. Getting outside and exploring every day is also something I intend to do. 


More space in our schedules means more time to get quiet and simply listen. Listen to your heart, to the messages that want to be delivered to you and to the creations that want to be birthed through you. I can feel a new wave of creation coming and it needs the spaciousness to make itself known and clear. 

Time with my Love

As I mentioned, my girlfriend and I recently moved in to our new home. It has been a dream and I am looking forward to settling in even deeper into our new space. 


My perspective within all of this is that the Universe is ALWAYS organizing, perfectly, even if we do not have the widened perception to see it. Everything is a gift. If we can revere and honor this time as a healing reset, we will have used this time optimally, and we have the opportunity to emerge from this global shut down healthier, stronger and in deeper alignment than ever before. I believe it is our responsibility to take this invitation to look inward and find what no longer serves, not just ourselves, but the planet. This pandemic is a beautiful metaphor of how our choices impact everyone. Our choice to stay inside could save a life. Next time you think your impact is insignificant, remember this. Take ownership of what needs to be healed and let go of. The future health and prosperity of our world depends on it. 

Love you all! Stay cozy + well. Xo, E