Why Past Life Soul Regression is One of the Most Powerful Therapies For Finding Your Purpose

Imagine opening a door and stepping into a former time, a former place, a former life. On the other side of this door is a house, and memories of the living room flicker into your awareness with incredible detail: the book shelves, the fireplace, family portraits on the wall, the burgundy carpet. You’re wearing a necklace with sentimental value, and as you stroke it with your finger tips you realize your father gave it to you in childhood. Touching it calms you. You go for a stroll in the gardens of the estate, and your two beautiful children rush down the path into your arms. You can recall in detail of your husband’s military uniform, the feeling of his gaze, the color of the dresses worn by those gathering with you for afternoon tea, and the raging fires that blazed through the village on the night of a political revolution, leading to your own demise.

After leading dozens of Past Life Regressions for clients around the world, I continually marvel at the poetic narratives, the breath-taking story arcs, the tales of love, loss, incredible joy and unimaginable pain. These stories exist in no history book, no movie screen, and yet they are rich with the trials and triumphs of the human story, the human soul. Each of us contain a library of these past life memories, in the dusty, distant archives of the subconscious mind.

With a light hypnotic induction, I facilitate a trance-like state for my clients, opening the portal to the subconscious mind, allowing past life memories to bubble to the surface of their conscious awareness. Together, we explore the past life scene by scene, inevitably arriving to the death scene, which is when my clients cross-over and are received by their spirit teachers and ancestors, who have important messages and insights about their life journey. I have come to appreciate that Past Life Soul Regression is one of the most powerful therapies for uncovering your purpose in this lifetime; not only do you merge with the limitless, infinite nature of spirit, but you understand the question that philosophers have been pondering for millennia: what is the the meaning of life? And, perhaps more importantly, what is the meaning of your life?

Past Life Regression can answer this question in several ways:

What are my strengths and gifts?: Do you feel an irresistible calling to a certain profession? Perhaps a specific skill, interest or ability comes naturally to you, that you’ve always wished to explore?  Claiming these skills can come with incredible gifts. It’s well known  that in my practice, I tend to work with women who have had past lives in which they were persecuted for practicing plant medicine, an esoteric knowledge system, working as a healer or embracing an otherwise unconventional lifestyle. Often these women have continued interest in these practices in their current life, today, but might feel a sense of nervousness, doubt or fear when it comes to claiming these strengths. For many of us, we have come to Earth in this particular moment to embrace interests that must be shared with the collective. It can be extremely liberating for my clients to purposefully connect with and claim these gifts, knowing that they are being supported by their higher self and spirit to undertake certain responsibilities on Earth.

What are my karmic patterns that need to be addressed and healed?: Just as we can be stuck in patterns and loops in this lifetime, it can be incredibly illuminating to understand how a certain lesson might be following us across several. Tendencies toward certain relationships, phobias or choices may be repeated in this lifetime because they were not fully addressed in the past. The ability to release traumatic events, identify long-term trends in our behavior and understand karmic relationships in a past life can offer a quantum leap in personal development and growth in this one.

What did I come here to learn?: One of the most heartening consequences of leading this type of therapy is receiving the counsel and insight from compassionate spirits. I have come to understand on a very deep level that our physical bodies are projections of our soul essence, and that ultimately that we are in body to grow, learn, experience, experiment and play with our potential as creators in this 3-D reality. Overwhelmingly, what my clients come to understand is that we truly cannot make a mistake in life; everything is a learning experience, even the most unconscionable acts. I would say that the lessons my clients receive are often in the category of, “Don’t take things too seriously,” “Have fun, enjoy yourself, enjoy life,” and “It’s safe to release your fear.” Life is a laboratory for consciousness; once we realize this, we can free our minds and take bold risks in honor of our highest selves, our true awakening. I agree with The Adeptist’s Mantra: “When we heal on a personal level, we then heal the world around us, simply by showing up to life as our most radiant and vital self.” This is the honor and the privilege of my work, to act as a gatekeeper to radiance and vitality that exists in the soul.

My wish is that each of us be lead down the path of our soul’s awakening, where we may encounter our true power and maintain it in the name of the highest good.

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