1:1 Energy Medicine Readings

A 1:1 Energy Medicine Reading with Elizabeth is different every time. In this 60 minute session, Elizabeth uses her intuitive gifts as a claircognizant and clairsentient channeler, as well as her ability to connect with your personal spirit guides and her ability to channel higher dimensional extraterrestrial beings to deliver the messages and support that your soul is asking for.


Through these sessions, you will identify things such as (but not limited to) past lifetimes and past life wisdom that is ready to be activated within you to apply to this lifetime, specific spirit guides that desire to connect with you, the energetic root cause to a specific ailment, guidance for your next steps forward + specific remedies, action steps and techniques that your guides are asking you to pursue. These action steps could include a specific stone/crystal to begin working with, a healing modality to pursue, a food to begin eating daily, etc. Everything that is channeled through is based on the energetics that are present and ways to alchemize them.  


These sessions are very much interactive. Elizabeth will hold the container for you to come to your own conclusions and relate this information to specific areas of your life. In addition to her intuitive abilities, Elizabeth draws upon her studies of Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism, Vedic Knowledge and Energy Medicine, delivering a holistic reading to catapult you into your next level version. 


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