Altaire Cambata

Altaire is humbled and privileged to serve as a Transformational Life Guide and mentor for those eager to gain the confidence, insight, advice, training, and magical gifts needed to face the threshold of their life adventure. She combines her degrees and certifications in Life Coaching, Clinical Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition, Flower Essence Therapy, Past Life Soul Regression Therapy, Shamanic Journeywork, Archetypal Psychology, Mindset and Meditation Training & Intuitive Channeling to provide her clients with unique and transformative healing experiences that restore their lives from the inside out, with rapid and radical results. Her multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary approach with her clients allows them to quickly learn how to walk a path of abundance, freedom and fearless self-expression. Her career began in International Aid & Development, conducting ethnobotanical research on island communities vulnerable to climate change and working on environmental and cultural projects around the world, ranging from climate change education on island communities with UNESCO, to teaching photography to marginalized populations with PhotoVoice UK, advocating for the environment in the UN Sustainable Development Goals with WWF-UK, coordinating art and environmental programming at the Aspen Art Museum, reporting for National Geographic News Watch, serving on the Steering Committee for the UN Mountain Partnership and performing research for Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index. Her career shifted in 2016 after the unexpected passing of her beloved older brother. She realized in this period of deep grief that the only way to heal the collective was to begin by healing the individual. She has never looked back. She is currently based in Lugano, Switzerland, seeing clients in person and online. Her current hobbies include learning how to ride a motorbike, Muay Thai kickboxing and Burlesque dancing.

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Life Coaching, Medical Herbalism, Nutrition, Flower Essence Therapy, Mindset + Meditation Training, Past Life Soul Regression, Intuitive Channeling, Shamanic Journeywork


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Blog Posts:


What are your western astrological signs?

Taurus Sun, Taurus Rising, Scorpio Moon


What does 'Embodied Wellness' look like + mean to you? 

Embodied wellness means uniting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to create the foundation for a life of growth and expansion. Ultimately it is the act of nourishing ourselves on physical and subconscious levels, claiming our potential as conscious co-creators of our reality, and coming into partnership with the non-physical presences available to us on our soul journey.


When feeling overwhelmed or out of balance, what tools/rituals do you employ to bring yourself back to center? 

Prayer, affirmations that emphasize trust, spending time in nature, laughing with friends, joyful movement


If you had a microphone and the whole world was listening, what your message be?

You are so much more powerful than you can even imagine