Beth Porter

Beth Porter

Beth Porter of Earth & Ether is a holistic healer and human design reader. She practices a trauma-informed modality called Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT™). In her practice, she works with healing trauma, removing unhelpful patterning and creating a new picture for life to unfold. Her purpose and intention is to lead each client back home to themselves. To learn the intelligence of their own connection to their higher-self and use that connection to experience a more fulfilled life. Beth spent the first ten years of her professional career working in the design industry. First as a fashion designer for companies like Target, Abercrombie & Fitch and Oshkosh B’Gosh. Then, transitioned into brand and marketing, working on several national and global brands. It wasn’t until 2016, when the whispers of a new calling became loud enough to no longer ignore, which required her to step into what was next. Beth has navigated several large transitions on her healing journey (from health transitions to life transitions ranging from healing her cystic acne, navigating depression to finding love after healing an abusive relationship of nine years). Beth is skilled at holding the space for her clients to discover their own power and help them walk through their life transformations. The through-line has always been her attunement to holistic wellness. Her interest arose in early college, when she discovered the incredible impact the quality of our food has on our bodies and she healed her allergy and exercise-induced asthma. (No more inhalers or allergy medicine!) From there, she began to collect methods, tools, healers and practices to continue the journey of discovering her best-self. She sees clients both remotely and in-person out of her office in Boulder, Colorado.

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Healing Sessions: Emotional Polarity Technique™; Human Design Readings (in person + virtual)

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What does 'Embodied Wellness' look like + mean to you? 

Having a relationship with your body where you are listening and honoring it. Allowing the ebb and flow of life to teach you grace and compassion for yourself and others. Inviting expansion and contraction as a means to grow and evolve. Choosing ways to nurture and love your body while eliminating old patterns that no longer serve you.


When feeling overwhelmed or out of balance, what tools/rituals do you employ to bring yourself back to center? 

When I am overwhelmed or feeling off, for immediate relief, I first try to pause and breathe. I love using breathwork as a tool to move energy on my own. I journal to give my thoughts and feelings a place to go, so they aren't swirling in my mind. I reconnect with the Divine and cut out things that aren't serving me in the moment. I also reach out to my trusted circle for support so I can verbally process what I am going through. If you had a microphone and the whole world was listening, what would your message be? 


If you had a microphone and the whole world was listening, what your message be?

We are ALL all of the things — we all have pain, shame, and old wounds. The more compassion and healing we bring to ourselves, the more love we can bring to the world.ride.