Elizabeth holding sage.

Elizabeth is an intuitive healer, fusing together her energetic gifts as a channeler and intuitive, alongside her studies of holistic nutrition, herbalism, vedic knowledge, energy work and the divine wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. She is devoted to her spiritual path and awakening to the depths of her multidimensional Soul. Her work on this planet is a reflection of this deep devotion. Elizabeth believes that through taking personal responsibility for our experience on this planet, we have the ability to create heaven on earth and hold the frequency for the collective to meet us in this existence. Ultimately, it begins one by one, with us.

Elizabeth is the alchemist behind her signature adaptogen blends and the feminine flow line — a line of herbal blends intended to balance female hormones, while activating feminine grace. She is also the creator of the Energetic Cycle Syncing Method™ — a method of aligning with and harnessing the energies of each of the 4 phases of the female hormonal cycle as a means to experiencing optimal health + vitality. 

Elizabeth offers Energy Medicine Readings, in which she is able to use her claircognizant and clairsentient gifts to connect with your energy and channel specific messages, wisdom and guidance directly for your soul, from the spirit realm. Additionally, Elizabeth hosts group programs and online courses on topics pertaining to female hormonal health, activating your intuition, claiming your destiny as a lightworker, herbalism + more... 

Elizabeth integrates her studies of holistic nutrition, herbalism, vedic knowledge and energy work, along with her intuitive gifts to create a highly unique and synergistic approach to both wellness and awakening.