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Hi there! Elizabeth here! I don’t know about you, but I love knowing who is behind the products I am buying and the brands I am engaging with. It makes me feel more connected to the company and it allows me to have a deeper understanding of the energy and the intent that is going into everything. If you relate, here you go! 

I’ve been interested (some might say obsessed) with wellness since I was 14 years old. From 14 on, I began cooking all of my own meals, neglecting school work to study plant based nutrition and create new recipes, fermenting all sorts of things in my parents basement and seeking out ways to take free yoga classes in Wisconsin, where I grew up. Needless to say, I didn’t really fit in. 

After high school, I moved to Boulder, Colorado to begin my studies of Holistic Nutrition. School was a dream and I loved every single aspect of it (even biochemistry), which was refreshing considering I struggled a lot with school growing up. I guess it goes to show that things flow when you’re doing what you’re meant to do! 

After nutrition school, I began working for a chiropractor, here in Boulder. During my time there, I was offered the opportunity to teach wellness workshops for patients on the weekend. I quickly learned that I loved hosting workshops/events and teaching, despite being a major introvert. Around that time, I also began consulting with clients one on one. 

 As I continued to heal my various hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue, I became a huge advocate for adaptogens. One of my most highly attended workshops was a workshop all about stress, the impact stress has on our psychophysiology and ways to clear out stress chemistry, while supporting a healthy stress response.  

I also began consulting clients primarily on understanding stress to be the underlying cause of their different health challenges and would work from that level to create more balance. I felt that anything that didn’t stem from first addressing stress (and the nervous system as a whole), was simply putting a bandaid on the symptoms and not truly shedding light on the root. 

I started to introduce my clients to different elixir recipes and would advise them to choose one and make it in the morning and choose a second one for the evening. Just by implementing this practice, they began noticing shifts in their mental and physical health in less than a week. Combined with nutrient dense food and techniques to manage stress, their symptoms would often clear up in a matter of a few months. 

As someone who is highly sensitive to energy, there got to be a point where I was feeling incredibly burnt out doing client work, especially on top of my full time job. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working with people + helping people heal, but at the time, my approach was too much on my system. I came to a breaking point where I felt like I was being forced to reassess my current situation. I was literally having an anxiety attack while driving to a workout class and had to pull over and sit under a tree. I began crying and I literally said out loud, “Universe, I surrender. I can’t keep this up any more. I am open to whatever I am meant to be doing. Show me and I will do it.” 

A few weeks later, I was sitting in meditation (which was new for me at the time) and I had the most clear, profound download I’ve ever experienced. It was the elixir blends, the product names and the explicit instruction to create a business around what are now our Original Adaptogenic Elixirs. As soon as I was through with my meditation, I went straight to the kitchen and never looked back. The voice I heard and felt in my meditation was so compelling it was impossible to question or ignore.

 I know my purpose in this lifetime is to share a more innovative and synergistic approach to wellness and that is ever evolving. I’m not sure what the Adeptist will look like 5 years from now, but I can promise that however it unfolds, it will always be from a pure, intentional, high vibe place, as that’s how it all began. 

Okay, so it’s clear that I love wellness and adaptogens, but beyond that, I’m totally into all things astrology, human design, enneagram...you name it. I see these things as powerful tools to understanding ourselves and those around us. When we can realize that not everyone thinks, acts or navigates the world in the same way that we do, we’re able to deepen our compassion and relate healthier. If you feel me on that, I am a Cancer sun, Libra rising and Aries moon. I am a Manifesting Generator, with a ⅓ profile line and a 9 (peace maker) in the Enneagram. Am I missing anything? Oh, and an ENFJ, if Myers Briggs is your thing. ;) 

 I am a devoted practitioner of Vedic Meditation and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who is looking for a meditation practice that will stick. It is my anchor in everything I do in life and I can’t imagine where I would be today without my practice. 

If I hadn’t chosen a career in wellness, I would 100% have wanted to be a female EDM artist or maybe an interior designer. In the free time that I have, I find that I am either making a new playlist or online ‘window shopping’ for home decor. 

I love to write poetry. Specifically poetry that highlights my less than conventional views of the world. I’ve kept most of it private, but would love to share my writing in some way, down the line. 

I grew up with my life revolving around basketball. I trained nearly 4 hours a day and thought for sure I would go on to play college basketball. That was until I fell in love with holistic health. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there are no alternative health schools with a basketball program...so I was forced to make a choice. Needless to say, I don’t regret my choice.  

Though my life was set up for me to accel in athletics, the more I tap into the most authentic, deconditioned version of myself, I’m realizing that art and creativity, in various forms, comes far more naturally to me. That said, I believe my years growing up as an athlete set me up to understand what it looks like to work through discomfort and exceed what you perceived to be a limit. I am incredibly grateful for that. 

Speaking of athletics, I’m also a black belt in karate, which, like basketball, instilled an abundance of positive qualities in me at a young age. 

I could keep going, but I think those are the highlights! ;)  If you read this far, you basically know enough to be my friend, so hi, let’s be friends! I am thankful that our energies crossed paths and I hope this platform can be a source of positivity and healing in your life.