Sierra Brashear

Sierra Brashear, MA is a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, DONA-trained doula and herbalist. She believes that by tuning in to our unique wisdom, leveraging our feminine power and intellect, and drawing on our ancestral wisdom, we will discover contemporary ways to heal ourselves, our families and our planet. Inspired by the rhythms and elements of nature, Sierra weaves her knowledge of Ayurveda into the wellness education and guidance she provides at Cultivate Balance. She is also founder of Vibrant Souls, a women’s wellness company through which she has supported thousands of women to reconnect to their powerful centers though yoni steaming. As co-founder of Moon Bath, Sierra curates earth integrated bathing rituals that invite deeper alignment with the planet. She is a graduate of Alandi Ayurveda's 2-year 2,000+ hour Practitioner of Ayurveda program in Boulder, Colorado, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado as well as a Master's Degree from the United Nations mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Sierra also loves to garden under the sun, dance under the stars and experience life in colorful places around the globe.

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Cultivate Balance for Ayurvedic wisdom + support, Moon Bath ritual for all things self care + earth integrated bathing rituals and Vibrant Souls for feminine health + yoni love. 

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Cultivate Balance: Ayurveda education, herbal products and Holistic Lifestyle Design consultation with a focus on radical self love

Moon Bath: Ayurveda inspired bathing rituals that invite you to to tune in and mindfully connect with yourself and the planet

Vibrant Souls: Yoni Steams, Yoni Steaming Herbs + everything you need to begin a Yoni Steam practice

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Understanding Your Unique Makeup for More Self Love

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Ayurveda is the ancient holistic healing science of India and has over 5,000 years of lived experience proving its efficacy. Through this wisdom, you'll discover your unique mind-body type, and then work to bring yourself into alignment with the rhythmic and elemental influences of the Earth with simple shifts. In doing so, you'll reclaim your internal balance  — your true source of lasting wellness — and will experience more comfort, ease and joy in your body and mind. Learn more here.


What are your western astrological signs?

Virgo Sun, Aries Rising + Aries Moon

What does 'Embodied Wellness' look like + mean to you? 

To me, embodied wellness is the ability to tune in at any moment to sense the ways in which we have strayed far from relative balance, and to have the wisdom to bring ourselves back. We are constantly impacted by the world around us as well as our own actions, but if we know ourselves deeply, we’re able to notice as soon imbalance shows up, and to then intentionally make new choices that apply the Ayurvedic principle of opposites to recover before dis-ease can manifest. What’s beautiful about this approach to wellness is that we do not hold ourselves to the unattainable standard of never being out of balance, and we trust ourselves to make the best choices out of self-love.

When feeling overwhelmed or out of balance, what tools/rituals do you employ to bring yourself back to center? 

When overwhelmed or feeling out of balance, my top self-soothing practice is abhyanga, the Ayurvedic practice of applying oil to the body. Taking the time to warm the oil, set up my space with candles and music, adore every curve of my body, and then take a hot shower or bath, truly brings me home to myself and reminds me that all is well. A gentle stroll through nature — especially at sunrise — also works wonders for me!

If you had a microphone and the whole world was listening, what would your message be? 

My message would be a reminder that most of the pain that is perpetuated in the world is a result of past wounding and trauma. Whether it’s something as simple as someone being rude, or it’s as grand as a war, ultimately, it comes down to unprocessed grief in one form or another. If we could all just remember to not take things so personally, remembering to come back to compassion when we’re confronted, I believe there would be so much less suffering in the world.