The Alchemized Woman is currently in session and will be re-launching in 2021. If you want to apply for the next round, you can do so below!

It's time to create alchemy within and without...

Can I share my truth with you? I am tired of seeing women who don’t believe in themselves. Playing small. Knowing that they have medicine to share with the planet but feeling inadequate to share it.

When I meet people, I instantly connect to their light...

I see it. I feel it. Fully. The gifts within them that their soul so badly wants to step into but they can’t quite figure out how. And I immediately want to start building them up and supporting them in embracing their magic and their message.

I believe with every cell in my being, that you and I on the planet, at this pivotal moment in time, is beyond significant.

We are leading a paradigm shift. And personally, I do not take that lightly.

Systems and structures are being destroyed. Truth is coming to light and I believe that it is up to US to rebuild the new. With integrity and intention.

The world needs YOU, your joy, your bliss, your abundance, your health, your happiness and your vitality.

And I so deeply want to support you in fully activating your magic.

I feel you because I have been you...

Before I started The Adeptist (formerly, By Erika Elizabeth), I had debilitating anxiety, I was constantly overwhelmed, I had insomnia, hormonal imbalances and a negative body image. I was obsessed with controlling my food, my body, my fitness, my environment… I just wanted to feel good! Can I blame that version of myself? No way!

Simultaneously, I knew I had a message I wanted to share with the world. I knew deep down that there was a leader, an entrepreneur and a healer that wanted to be expressed through me… even if I didn’t know exactly what that looked like or what it meant. However, I was utilizing most of my energy just trying to feel better and love myself that I didn’t have the capacity or the energy to pour into creating the existence that I so deeply desired.

Because of this, I found myself settling. Not because I wanted to, but because I didn’t feel like I had a choice.

It wasn’t until I finally got to a place of feeling like, “Enough is enough! I want so much more than this!” That I took it upon myself to fully heal my body and my hormones, end the negative self talk and embrace my body fully for all that she is, soften my control and embody the divine feminine, invest in my wellbeing and my spirituality, and through this, approach my life in a completely new way.

When we activate our magic, we hold space for others to rise. It's so much bigger than just us.

To step fully into your light and share yourself with the world, it takes inner strength and a community of support. It takes going against what’s “acceptable” and “safe" in society to pave your own path. It requires devotion to the bigger picture of what you’re here to share and what your soul came to do.

When someone tells me, “Who am I to share this message or create this thing? Why would someone listen to me?” Which, by the way, I have this type of conversation with women all of the time. I remind them that this isn’t about you. Yes, we want you to be happy, abundant and healthy… but even beyond that, you sharing your message, with the energy of happiness, abundance and health behind it, is what changes the world!! It’s what inspires others to rise with you. You get to hold the space for the collective to meet you in this next level existence of joy and bliss.

This is what I want for you, for me and for the entire planet. But it starts with us. It starts with YOU making the choice to live your best, happiest, fulfilled life and settling for nothing less. We get to hold the frequency of this type of existence, while the rest of the planet continues to rise alongside us.

But it starts with one, and the ripple effect is what I am here for!

If you’re reading this, I know you’re a healer, a teacher, an alchemist, a leader, in your own unique way. You have a message and a medicine to share. And I want to create the container of support, while sharing everything I know with you, building you up and celebrating your wins along the way. Through this sacred group container, I am here to assist you in activating this next level of existence.

It’s time to own your light!!

So how will we do this?

Throughout the program we will be activating + integrating the 4 Pillars of the Alchemized Woman...


First and foremost, I believe that without a healthy body and a clear vessel, we cannot fully activate our potential. As a magical woman, you hold all of the wisdom within your body and all of your potential within your womb.

We’ll first work on building a healthy foundation with nutrition, herbs and potential supplementation to support energy + vitality. More specifically, we’ll cultivate a connection to your 28-32 day cycle and work on stabilizing your hormones.

This aspect of the program will be all about creating physical harmony in order to expand our capacity, giving us the energy to show up more fully to life, while activating the feminine wisdom that resides within the body.

Self love + Body Acceptance:

If we haven't fully embraced ourselves, we can’t create or live in a way that is aligned with our authentic truth. We inhibit our happiness and our joy. We use up vital energy coping with and fighting against the negative self talk. We sabotage opportunities for expansion because we don’t believe we are worthy or good enough. We will work with specific techniques and journal prompts to support this relationship and cultivate a healthy foundation of self love and body acceptance. Again, the wisdom and the power of the feminine resides within the body, SO, in order to activate our full potential and stop playing small, we must first embrace your beautiful vessel.

Aligning with the Feminine:

Through feminine alignment, we cultivate a collaborative relationship with the universe. We surrender to the impulse of the Divine and we let go of our need to control. When we live and create from this space, we live and create with more ease, grace, flow and abundance. We stop limiting ourselves. In this, we also create more health because we’re not wasting our precious energy forcing and going against the flow. This is where the magic happens and where life starts to get good! Trust me. This will change your life.

Energetic Cycle Syncing + Manifestation Work:

As we align with our feminine cycle, we can use this as an energetic blueprint for manifestation. Yep, that’s right! We can harness the energies of each of the 4 phases of our cycle and use them to our maximized benefit. If you do not have a cycle or are using birth control, don’t worry, we’ll instead sync you up with the moon! This alignment allows us to supercharge our manifestations, as we work with the energies of nature, as opposed to working against them.


Activations + Meditations:

To align your energy and your vibration with all that you are cultivating and calling in, there will be specific activations and meditations, along with journal work and techniques to solidify the magic. This aspect is key. It is the deep soul work that is required for us to release what has been standing in our way, while bringing in fresh energy to align with what we are creating for our life.

What's Included:

✔️ 2 months of support

✔️ The Inner Alchemy (2 day Virtual) Retreat for FREE (value: $250)

✔️ The full line of Feminine Flow Elixirs (retail value: $160)
*If you are registered BY September 16th*

✔️ 30 minute energy type Human Design Reading (value: $75)

✔️ Bi-weekly group coaching calls (total value: $1,000)

✔️ One 30-45 minute personal coaching call with Elizabeth (value: $275)

✔️ Customized supplement/dietary/lifestyle recommendations from Elizabeth (value: $450)

✔️ Pre-recorded lectures/workshops to teach you step by step how to integrate the 4 pillars above (value: $600)

✔️ Private Facebook group to connect with other Alchemized Woman members about the work you are doing within the program

✔️ A daily meditation practice that aligns with the feminine + will enhance your work within the program (value: $200)

✔️ Divine Feminine Activation (value: $60)

✔️ Purpose Empowerment Activation (value: $60)

✔️ Body Love Healing Transmission (value: $60)

✔️ Weekly journal prompts to support your healing and manifestations, aligned with the methods above (value: $60)


Total Value = $3,250

OR split into 2 payments of $444

This is the first and only time I will be offering this live, group experience at this lower rate. I hope you will be one of the 12 women who embark on this journey with us!!!


We will set the tone for our 2 months together with the Virtual Inner Alchemy Retreat on October 3rd + 4th. (This retreat is open to everyone, however, your ticket is INCLUDED with The Alchemized Woman)

We will then begin our work together with a kick off call on Wednesday, 10/7/20, at 5:30pm MST.

All calls will be recorded and the replays will be sent out! So don't worry if you can't join us live!



Ready to rise alongside other like-minded women + receive the aligned, heart-centered support to do so? We got you! ♡

Meet Your Guide...

Elizabeth is an intuitive healer, fusing together the modalites of holistic nutrition, herbalism, vedic knowledge, energy work and the divine wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. She is devoted to her spiritual path and to the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. Her work is a reflection of this deep devotion. Elizabeth believes that through embracing and integrating the wisdom of the feminine, we can heal not only ourselves, but the planet as a whole. 

Elizabeth is the alchemist behind her signature adaptogen blends and the feminine flow line — a line of herbal blends intended to balance female hormones, while activating feminine grace. She is also the creator of the energetic cycle syncing method — a method of aligning with the energies of each of the 4 phases of the female hormonal cycle as a means to experiencing optimal health + vitality. 

Elizabeth integrates her cycle syncing methodology with her spiritual studies and her elemental energy work, ultimately, creating a highly unique and synergistic approach to both wellness and awakening.

Most recently, Elizabeth has been guided to share here wisdom in the format of group mentorship programs to help others activate deeper purpose and potential on their path. She is excited to shift the Adeptist around this focus as she continues to align the business to to highest path of service to her community.