The Inner Alchemy Virtual Retreat

This retreat is for YOU if:

You're interested in cultivating an even more intimate relationship with your body and your cycle. 

You know that there is more to wellness than merely what you eat and how often you exercise and you're ready to integrate new levels of wellbeing through techniques that support your energy field, your spirit and your mind. 

You are interested in balancing your hormones and embracing your cycle, as well as your femininity. 

You're ready to access more potential in life, through the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. 

You want to learn techniques to activate your intuition and your spiritual gifts. 

You're ready to break out of the old paradigm and embrace the new wave of sacred femininity, as a means to heal the planet. 


Retreat Dates: 10/3/20-10/4/20  ✦  begins at 9am MST on October 3rd ✦ The retreat will be hosted via zoom

The time is NOW to create alchemy from within so that our very existence creates alchemy and healing all around us.

More about the retreat:

The Inner Alchemy Retreat will be a holistic and synergistic experience, comprised of workshops, taught by Elizabeth and other experts, centered around activating your intuition, energetic cycle syncing for optimal health and alignment, embracing the sacred feminine in day to day life, yoga, intentional movement, Self exploration and so much more. This retreat is an opportunity to learn techniques and practices to connect deep from within as a means to live the most fulfilling life possible. 

As individuals with female hormones, our cycles are essentially blue prints for how to navigate and manifest in life. As we learn how our cycle influences our everyday, we can harness these energies and create more wellness, fulfillment and abundance, with more ease, as opposed to force. Through this work, we are able to align with nature, calling in Divine support, while living in a way that feels authentic to us. The truth is, the feminine has been tamed and suppressed. There are a variety of ways we can begin to re-awaken this shakti energy within us and this retreat is designed to serve on that level. The world is ready for a rising of sacred feminine energy and principles. But in order to create that, we all must learn to embrace and embody these energies ourselves, before our outer experience reflects that back to us.

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