The Products

Everyday support for the modern existence. 

Let’s face it, the modern existence is filled with external stressors that our bodies are constantly working to manage. Stress is a natural part of life, however, if stress begins to accumulate, it becomes inflammatory + toxic to the system. The reality is that we cannot control the majority of the stress we encounter. That said, what we can improve is our body’s response to stress. As long as our nervous system has the capacity to metabolize stress chemistry, we can continue to show up to life with calm + grounded energy, vitality and health. But as soon as our nervous system becomes chronically overwhelmed, a cascade of imbalances in mental, hormonal and digestive health begin to manifest. The good news is, we can actually work with our systems to become efficient in processing stress within our environments. 

This is where adaptogens come in. Studies have shown adaptogens reducing cortisol (our stress hormone) by 25%, while simultaneously strengthening our nervous system + creating cumulative resilience to stress. 

Our blends feature adaptogenic herbs, along with complementary nervous system supporting botanicals to target stress while enhancing things like beauty, digestion, cognition, sleep, hormone heatlh, sex + more. Because we believe that nervous system health is at the root of everything, our primary intention with our elixirs is to nourish the nervous system. From there, each of our blends supports something unique. Whether you’re looking to calm down + reduce anxiety, optimize brain function, nourish the skin, activate more creativity, lower inflammation, get better sleep or regulate your hormonal cycle, we have an elixir for you. 

Our products are: 

  • 100% organic and/or wild harvested 
  • Sustainably + ethically sourced
  • Pure herbal blends with NO fillers or additives 
  • Rooted in Ayurvedic principles 
  • Blended for optimal absorption 
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free 
  • Made with love