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Loves, I am so excited to share this amazing opportunity with you! Spirit has made it so so clear that it's time to share my magic with you in a much more intimate + transformational way... So, The Alchemized Woman has been birthed! I hope you'll be one of the 12 women who embark on this journey with us! 

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By Erika Elizabeth Adaptogenic Elixirs are life changing. I have at least one of them daily and have noticed improved digestion, radiant skin, a clear mind, and a general sense of wellness.


After implementing Elizabeth's method, I feel so much more connected with my body and my intuition. I used to beat myself up for things that I now understand are natural and something to be celebrated.


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Cultivate Hormone Harmony

When correcting hormonal imbalances, as a Holistic Nutritionist, specializing in women's health, these are my top picks for building a foundation of hormone bliss.

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herbs that raise your vibe

Create your own medicinal magic at home with these OG adaptogen blends, synergistically formulated for mind, body and spirit health.